Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love to Penny, thanx for the sunshine

We were sads this weekend, as our sweet friend Penny had to leave to the Rainbow Bridge, but we are also happy that she is running free, free of pain and sickness, and we know we will all see her again one day. Until then, we love you and miss you Penny, and will think of you and your sexy beefyness whenever we see whipped cream.

Mom had a tough week(job stress, blah blah) so she relaxed lots, which we love cuz it means more cuddles for us.

Yang did a bunch of this
Ying did a heap of this

Then we tried it together

On Sunday Yang had a tantrum cuz she snuck out the door with Dad and thought she was gonna get in the car with him, but nooo, him and Mom went to a family birthday party without us! But then they took us for a ride when they came back( Yang has Dad wrapped around her paw) and we stopped at this rest stop nearby. The sun was shining all day(we think Penny sent it) and we were SURE it was spring, but it was minus 92 degrees by the creek! We had fun anyway.

Mom's worried her camera might be starting to kaff out, some of the pictures are getting weird lines across them (you can kinda see them in the last one) Bummer. It was one of the best around when she got it and she paid a small fortune for it, you'd think it would last at least 578 years! BOL

We hope all of you have a grrreat week filled with sunshine and lots of cuddle time.

Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three-fur Thursday

Hello to all our bloggy friends, we want you to know that we love reading your bloggys, even if we (Mom) is too lazy to post very often. We love reading about all your adventures and are always happy to make new furiends.
Here's a couple pictures with captions...Feel free to comment your own, we'd love to know what others think our pictures say.

"OMG, woman, will you put down the camera and get us somethin to eat already"

"See Mom, even my stuffie says I'm a good doggie, so where's my treat?"

"Hmm, what's that you eating? Let me smell it for you, make sure it's ok"

Funny how all our pics are somehow related to food! Making us hungry again(as usual)

Hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday.

Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang