Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Rose by any other name...would confuse the florist

Hi, it's US! Two posts in 3 days, Mom must be inspired of somethin!! We bugged her to play the name game that Frankie Furter started for the 4th and she gave in. If you don't know, the game is to just tell the story of how you got your name, we think it's a great way to learn more about everyone out there. But first a picture of us from when we was teeny and Rebel was...well, BIG! BOL

First our big brother, Rebel. When Mom and Dad brought him home from their vet's (Dr.Pat is also the boarding facility for the local SPCA, but Rebel was just sorta abandoned there and Dr. Pat was trying to find him a home)his name was Rex. Mom and Dad didn't really like it and he didn't seem to respond to it very well either, but Mom and Dad wanted him to have an "R" name cuz the 2 rottys they had then were Rowdy and Roxxy. Kinda corny but whatever. So they ran thru all the "R" names they could think of and ended up on Rebel, it suited him, he was rather rough and ready as the peoples say.

Now us, we spent the first few weeks after we came home with Mom and Dad calling us "Puppy, Puppy" and get this..."The Ratbags" BOL! Mom wanted us to have some sorta matching names, she can't really remember all the options they went thru, except Roxy for Ying and Moxy for Yang, but on second thought she thought that may make her kinda sad cuz the rotty Roxxy had gone to The Bridge not too long before. Just when it was starting to get worrisome , Dad says to Mom, "Hey, I know, how about Ying and Yang?" and Mom knew right away who was who!
Of course we have lotsa nicknames, and we sometimes still get called "the Ratbags" but we think it don't matter what we're called as long as the ones calling love us no matter what!

Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang


  1. I love your names - very spiritual! I also kind of like ratbags - I will have to remember that one!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Happy Belated Canada Days!!!

    Loves yous new bloggy page!! And yous bloggy pictures of yous two!! Very cute!!

    So good to hear from yous!!

    Great Story!!!!
    Yous balance each others outs!!!
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin

  3. Rebel for a Rottweiler is awesome too! I like your names! They're so cute!
    My first owners called me Emerald because I have a little green in my eyes. My newly adopted mom and dad decided to keep my name but I've noticed they're calling me Merball as a nickname. I'm not sure how they ever got that out of Emerald.
    I've just started reading your doggy blog but I'm looking forward to learning more about you.