Monday, February 15, 2010

The Story of Us Part 2

Hello again, we are sooo EXCITED to see you again (jumping up and down, scurrying back and forth)
Last time we told you about the beautious Tikka and her babies, and yes she was our furMom. Here's a picture
of us, Tikka and our brothers and sister. We don't remember this, cuz we were blind and deaf at the time,
as opposed to now, when we just have selective hearing BOL!

When this picture was taken our huMom thought we were all really sweet, and her heart melted just a little
at the sight of us. She made an off-hand comment to Tikka's mom that IF she wanted a puppy she would pick the
little girl with the spot on her foot. That about sealed the deal with Tikka's mom, but our Mom was STILL wavering
and even when she FINALLY realized she had an empty space in her heart just waiting to be filled up by a puppy, she
had to convince Dad (which, let's face it, took 5 seconds after Mom said "Look how cute she is") So it was
decided that Mom would get the little girl puppy with the spot on her foot as an anniversary present.

This is Ying, she was voluptuous from the get go, ie. kinda chunky

All our other siblings were very cute as well, but Mom and Dad didn't understand why no one had picked the black and white little girl who was so outgoing and friendly as a forever furbaby. So guess what? She went home with Mom and Dad, too!

Here's Yang, notice she's trying to lick the hand that's holding her? What a sucky-girl!

Holy Cow, we were sooooo happy to go live with Mom and Dad! They cuddled us and fed us good food and lots of treats and kept us safe and healthy and played with us and let us be us and loved us lots and lots! Here we are growing up.

We did have one challenge in our new furever home, our big brother Rebel was TERRIFIED of us. He would run outta the room when he saw us, and he growled like crazy when we got close to him. But he never hurt us, even when we got into his food dish or licked his back teeth (Mom nearly had a heart attack when we did that! she says our whole heads would disapear in his mouth). We really wanted him to luv us too, so we tried and tried to make him see that we were'nt so bad, that we could be fun to have around. And then guess what happened?

One day Rebel decided he loved us too!! Our happy family is now complete!

And that's the story of us, the beginning part anyway, Goodnite!

Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang

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  1. Hi Ying and Yang. What a great story. What a BIG brother you have. My goodness, I don't know if I would have dared to lick his back teeth! Thanks for visiting. Dad doesn't do the whole backyard for us because we hate snow. Me especially. I do my business and then I want IN.

    Stay warm.

    Roxy & Lucky