Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Walkin'

We know it's Monday, but here's some pictures of our walk yesterday in the pretty sunshine. We keeep telling Mom that SPRING IS HERE!, but she says ' A lot can happen in 2 months, it's only February' Sheesh, doesn't she realize doggy instincts are NEVER wrong?

We got to sniff the trees,
Got kinda warm(pant, pant), but it felt soooo good(squinty face)
Look how high up we are on this snowbank!
Our big brother Rebel went for his walk after us (cuz he's kinda old and a BOY, so Mom lets him walk slower than us), and he thought it felt springalicous too!
Hope your getting springy weather where you live too,
Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang

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  1. Hi! You two sure are cute! I have to say that you are the first two Jugs I've met. Welcome to the bloggy world! I hope you enjoy is fun and its great to meet new furiends. Please feel free to have your Mommy ask questions if she has any!

    You should also google up "Dogs with Blogs" and join that group. It'll bring you many doggy friends! Welcome! I cannot wait to learn more about all your personalities!


    Pee esss: its not Spring here yet either...I can only wish, then Summer comes too quickly after Spring and I'm not a fan of the heat either! If only Spring can stay furever!