Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Story of Us

Once upon a time, in a doggy-lovin home, a looong time ago (like a whole 4 years ago) there was a huMom and huDad that always had BIG dogs called Rotties and Chows and they didn't think they even liked little dogs all that much. But time went on and the first rotty,( whose name was Rowdy and was the Dad's dog), and then the chow-chow,(whose name was Velvet and was both the Mom and Dad's dog), went to Rainbow Bridge. This made them sad but time went on and life went on with the other two rotties, Roxxy and Rebel.

Roxxy, (who was the Mom's baby girl) stayed for a long time and took care of and loved the Mom all her long life, but one day it was of course her turn to go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Rowdy and Velvet, and the Mom understood and let her go. But she swore she would NEVER get another dog, it was just so hard to say goodbye.

Now the Mom had a friend who was looking for a boyfriend for her furbaby and the Mom said "My parents have a boy who would like to have a date with your girl". So things were 'arranged' and the boy, Jake, and the girl, Tikka, met for some 'good times'

What a handsome, charming boy that Jake was

And Tikka was a beauty in her own right, Jake knew just how to make a good first impression!

The new couple hit it off right away...
you could say it was love at first sight

Wow, did they ever get it , we mean, ..get ALONG, Bol
Tikka's Mom resorted to a chastity belt of sorts...

But it didn't work too good, cuz and few weeks later on Good Friday, there arrived EIGHT fuzzy, squeaking, wriggling, great smelling bundles of Joy!

Now you may wonder what all this has to do with Us, or maybe not. Either way, we will tell you more next time. Cuz this is our blog and we can talk about ourselves all we want..BOL!

Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang


  1. I was so hoping to see some puppy pics in my blog tour tonight. Adorable! :)

  2. Hi cuties..thank you for visiting us
    Benny & Lily